1. Cheating:
    Use of Cheat Clients, Marcos, X-ray (Mods, Texture packs and similar) will result in a Permanent Ban.

  2. Afk:
    You are not allowed to use AFK Farms or Machines that affect your mcMMO skills. Players doing this will be temp banned until we have time to reset ALL their mcMMO skills. Circumnavigating the auto afk/kick will result in a warn, ie Afk pools, rails etc.

  3. Toxicity:
    Toxicity is not allowed, Be friendly or Be Muted!

  4. Lagging the Server:
    Any builds or excessive mob farms that cause heavy load on the server are not allowed.
    Staff will contact you to remove it, or remove it themselves if there is no response.

  5. Griefing:
    Griefing in and around Town Claims is forbidden, This currently extends to 10 chunks from town claims. Cobble Monsters/Towers of Lava and Water are forbidden even in Wilderness, In claims are fine, but once the town falls it will be rolled back.

  6. Duping & Server Exploits:
    Carpet Dupers are allowed for the purpose of making Map Art.
    Any other duping and server exploits must be reported immediately.
    Breaking this rule results in a permanent ban.

  7. Advertising:
    You are not allowed to advertise any other servers.

  8. Alt Accounts:
    You may only have 1 account per person.
    Alternate accounts will be banned and the main account will be warned.

  9. Spam:
    Spamming chat on the server or discord will result in a warn.
    This includes death message, join/leave message spam