Helping You Step-by-Step


To Create a Town you will need 200 Emeralds.
Command: /t new (town name)

To Create a Nation you will need 2000 Emeralds
Command: /n new (nation name)

Residents of your town can be added to town ranks.
Assistant has all permissions of a mayor except for deleting the town.
Banker can use the towns economy.
Builder can build in all unowned plots.
Command: /t rank add (resident) (rank)

Claiming more land costs 15 Emeralds per chunk, stand in the chunk you want to claim and type the following command.
Command: /t claim

Click here for a full list of commands


There are 7 Ranks aqquired from leveling up certain skills, playtime, voting and variuos other requirements.

These ranks unlock peks such as the ability to mine mob spawners with a silktouch tool.

To see requirements you can use any of the following commands.

Command: /rankup, /rankinfo, /ranklist 



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